(Music Map) “Salsa Choke“, ZIN Volume 43 (Salsa)

Music Maps of Salsa Songs often look very complex.  Matching your choreography perfectly to the musical themes is quite challenging, but fortunately not always necessary. “Salsa Choke”, with its even 32 count phrasing, is easy to improvise.


  • Segments 1 and 10 create a frame for the song.  They are identical except for the fancy little ending that finishes the song.
  • Segments 2 and 3 are identical.  The “Call/Response” is a typical musical structure in salsa music. In this song, male vocalists sing the title “Salsa Choke” and are answered by a female vocalist or male vocalist.  The slightly different shades of purple indicate this varying response.  On the choreography DVD that comes with ZIN 43, the instructor in the “one-on-one” section matches this singing variation with a movement variation. The instructors in the “live” section do not vary their choreography in Call/ Response.  That is the artist choice.
  • Segment 4 is a Bridge sandwich: Bridge 1, Bridge 2, and Bridge 1.
  • Segment 5 is three 32 count Call/Response phrases.
  • Segment 6 is another Bridge sandwich: Bridge 1, Bridge 3, and Bridge 1
  • In segment 7,  the piano is the star of the “Break”.
  • Segment 8 is composed of two 32 count Bridges: Bridge 4, and Bridge 5.
  • Segment 9 is another Call/Response.  This time it’s only two 32 count phrases in length.